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Don't Drink Energy!

If you’ve read some of my earlier articles you will know that I’m a big advocate of using a food diary if you are a trying to lose weight. The awareness it creates in your eating decisions seems to help you identify when you are getting it wrong.

The other night I was watching an interesting documentary about obesity. In one section there was an overweight lady who claimed that she didn’t eat too much and exercised regularly and that her weight problem was due to a slow metabolism. After testing her metabolism it was confirmed her metabolism was normal. The people leading this study got her to write a food diary to try to help identify where the problem was.

In the period where she was writing her diary they also monitored how many actual calories she was consuming. Once the testing was finished there was a 40% difference between what she had written down and the actual amount of calories that she had consumed!

How could someone lie to themselves that much? Especially when she knew she was being monitored closely. Well it turns out she hadn’t. A lot of people taking food diaries will be out by anywhere from 10-50%. 50%, how can this be?

The reason this happens is that people either forget or don’t realise how many calories they are consuming in the drinks and the sauces in their foods. A can of coke has 141kcals, so if you are having three or four cans a day you are consuming over 500kcals in drinks!

If you are trying to lose weight, one of the best rules you can have for yourself is to not drink calories. Replace all the calorie rich drinks with ones that have none and you’ll be on the path to a healthier life. 


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Reader Comments (2)

Totally agree, apart from the occasional alcholic beverage ;) Herbals Teas, Water and Diet Soft Drinks is the way to ensure minimal kj's are consumed through drinks --> Although the later is an argument in itself I know and I'm working on it!

May 10, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteralouhill

Yes; But surely if the cake is carrot cake w cream cheese icing- the carrot as a vegetable cancels out the - you know cake aspect? ...and say if you drink w green tea, say, this will speed the metabolism anyhow :) so cake is metabolised and one is simply left w the energy giving goodness of the vegetable - carrot. Wouldnt one agree? :) Well yes, agree w article- but also diet drinks spike insulin level/diet drinks and diet substitutes- so it is never simply calorie consumption. A female, especially- should try to moderate hormone levels-this will in effect moderate weight. So alcohol, sugar, caffeine and wheat should actually be eliminated- totally for a time period. Unless of course it's carrot cake w jasmine green tea- thats different! of course.... ;)

May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterIstafiah

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