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Episode 28 Fitness Behavior - Time for some change? 

There comes a time in life where we know we need to create change. But for a lot of us we never see this moment. It may be because we never stop to think about it or we may be fearful of moving on from a life that has some security. In this months show I cover the topic of change and try to put some tough questions in front of you.  


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Reader Comments (1)

What I loved about this pod cast, is the fact that you highlighted the fact that us humans are creatures of habit. We often need a big shake up, some major event to force us into change, and often like you said change, or adapting our lives generally is for the better. But sometimes it is hard, it takes effort, and so we become complacent and just accept what and where we are in the world. Some elements of my life are not fulfilling as they once used to be, and what used to be occasional disappointments are becoming more regular and I see it affecting my outlook on life, and attitude towards others. For me change is incredibly scary, even daunting, and what if I fail?....
I am trying to look at change in a different light… and exciting light rather than a scary one, and fingers crossed… with a little planning, and support I have just started on my journey to my new and more fulfilling life!
PS unless there is another earth-shaking event I will see you on Saturday.

March 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBry

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