The things I say to myself

I’m 20, I’ve just given up drinking and drugs and I’m starting to move in a new direction in my life. It was at this time I discovered the power that knowledge gave me and so I joined the library and started reading!  One of the first books I ever got out was ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino (that’s a great name!) This book is like a biblical story about a man who learns the lesson of how to be a great salesman. In the second half of the book there were seven long affirmations that you had to read every morning and night for six months. Because I believed anything a book would tell me, I went ahead and started reading these accent scrolls’. 

Now when I look back at this book I find it a bit corny but it did teach me the value of having daily affirmations and although I have moved away from Og’s material I have kept the habit up of using these. 

The affirmations I use seem to have the ability to pop up in my head when I may be challenged in one way or another. An example of this is the saying ‘if I don’t have something nice to say about someone then don’t say anything at all’. I’m human and there are times when I struggle with other people and may become critical of them or their behavior. But when I have been reading my affirmations this saying comes into my head and I instantly become aware of my words and it makes me think and reflect about my actions at this moment. I normally stop my criticizing.  

The difference between the 20 year old me and me today is that I’m no longer looking for books to set my affirmations. Over the years I have created two pages of them that I read every morning that are based on what is important to me in my life. I don’t have any scientific evidence to prove the value of affirmations but in my experience they have helped me stay true to myself in all different types of situations. 

You may not want to have two pages that you have to read every morning but I encourage you to create one or two to try. Create them in a way that is real to you, for example I have a friend who has created superpowers that he uses for his Affirmations. It’s all about doing what feels right for you. 

Here are my affirmations that I read every day, let me know if you have any yourself: 


Your kids need you

Some readers asked me to write about how to get kids out exercising. I could give suggestions about creating games that empower your children, that are fun and inclusive and help to create a love of exercise but today I want you to have a look at yourself as a parent, grandparent or just someone who spends time with those special kids in your life.

We live in a world that gives us so many reasons to point the finger at and blame for why so many of our kids are overweight and unfit. We blame T.V, Playstations, fast foods and the internet for children’s unhealthiness and while these do have something to do with it we need to take a deeper look at our own actions.

Kids require commitment, they can be hard work and they suck up a lot of energy. Sometimes when we are tired because our own life is busy (and everyone’s life is busy these days) it’s easier for us to just let them jump on the net or play the PS3. We justify this to ourselves as we need our ‘own time’ or we need to get ‘stuff’ done. Is this the level of commitment you want to show to your kids?

We need to be able to identify when we are doing this and make choices that create time for fun with exercise. If you commit to putting time aside to exercise with your kids most days of the week, even when you are tired, you will be showing that exercise is an important part of life. You’ll also be showing them that they are important to you, that the ‘stuff’ you need to do can wait.

My daughter isn’t a ‘Sport Billy’ and at times I’ve had to have a rule where her internet time is based on how much time we spend playing basketball or other outdoor games. While at first she resisted my rules, once we are out there she is running around, giving her old man a hard time and enjoying exercise. This is important in her development and the relationship I have with her.

It saddens me to think that some kids will grow up having no experience with fitness. The implications for the world are huge but more importantly it saddens me that you will miss out on this special time to connect with your kids. Make the commitment, you’ll be glad you did. 


My Self Awareness

A while ago, a guy called Daniel come up to me at the gym and asked me a question that blew my mind away. Daniel is one of those charismatic people who always has a smile on his face and seems to have an instant connection with those he meets. This would explain why he is a top sales rep. “Why is it that you seem to have it all going for you Bev?”. I far from believe that I have it all going for me, I suppose I know me better than anyone else so I know the battles I have and the weaknesses I try to improve on. I definitely don’t sit around thinking I have it all. But his question did get me thinking, I do lead a pretty good life where I get to spend my day doing the things I love with amazing people who seem to always show me their best sides. 

After thinking for a second I responded; “To be honest, I think I’m doing alright because every day I stop and think about the path I’m on and if it’s the right one for me. If I discover that I’m not on that path, I make adjustments to get back in the right direction”.

If I have done one thing well in my time it is to constantly improve my self-awareness. This has been an ongoing process for me which I have evolved and is now part of my daily life.  It’s this awareness that helps me know who I am today and what actions I need to take to keep on the path that is right for me in this one life. When you think about it, most of the big changes in your life come when you either choose to stop and reflect on your life or when a big event makes you stop and think. It’s this awareness that helps you to find your path. 

What are some things that you could add to your life to bring self-awareness into it daily? 

A while ago I read the book ‘The Winners Bible’ and while I did struggle with some aspects of it I did identify with the concept of using a ‘Winners Bible’ as tool to help with self-awareness. I had been doing a similar thing for years so I thought I would create one that was more in line with some of the lessons in this book. I thought that I would share with you guys my version of it. 

Over the next few post I’m going to share my ‘winners bible’, what it means to me and how I use it. 

If you have any comments of questions feel free to post them on there. 


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