My Running Products


If I had to do a sales pitch that described what my running groups are about in less that twenty words, well I probably couldn't do it. But hey I like a challenge so here I go: 'Amazing group running packages for all different levels of runners that are based on building community, having fun and growing people'. Ok I know that's twenty one words but it does wrap up what we are all about.

Everything we do is based on the belief that a goal is more achievable when you are sharing it with like minded people, have amazing support and it's fun. With that as our fountation my team and I have build four products that are having a massive impact on all different types of people. Lets have a quick look at other three: 


Get up to Five is our newby group. Is exercise or running is scary to you and you don't think you could ever run 5k?Well we think we can prove you wrong, and we're pretty sure we will. This package has been successful at getting so many non runners/exercisers up to running 5k and more. If this sounds like you check out this site. 


Club10k You feel Get up to Five may be to easy for you but you look at RaceTeam and think you aren't ready for a Half Marathon? Well Club10k is for you. This eight week package is all about get you to have the best 10k run you can possibly have. This package has been successful on so many levels for our runners. If this sounds like you check out this site. 

RaceTeam is all about Half Marathons. We have helped hundreds of people get the buzz of crossing the finish line in a Half, it's a super feeling. We have thought of everything, and we mean everything, that it takes to be successful at this race and put together a package that makes you feel like a top level athlete. Like the sound of this, check out the site here.    

Saturday Runners can be for the one big run you need each week or it can be about keeping focused in training. To be honest we think people are mainly motivated by the coffee after the session. Our only ongoing group gets all levels of runners together on a Saturday morning and helps to keep everyone motivated. If you are looking for that weekly session that helps keep you sharp check out the site here. 

I could go on and on here about everything we do but really if you want to train with a great bunch of people who are supportive, fun and like to develop themselves in a positive way, you can't go wrong. So check out which group fits you best and come and join our cool crew.