Since 1999 I have spent just about every day in front of groups of people. This has been as a group fitness instructor, public speaker and a training facilitator. During this time I have also continually been learning what it really takes to help people grow within themselves and I've also consciously put myself in challenging situations that grow me. Through these experiences I have developed a skill set that has helped me to develop talks that are designed to get people to take responsibility for their own growth.

Below are three talks that I am currently doing, if you are interested in getting me to come and talk to your group, conference, work team or any other group you can contact me here


1. Motivation

As I sat down to design a talk on motivation I was suddenly overwhelmed with stress! I have spent my adult life motivating people I thought this would be easy! However I discovered that although I'm bloody good at motivating myself I don't know what motivates you. Is there one thing that motivates everyone? After putting the writing of this talk on hold and spending a couple months thinking and doing research on the subject I found three things that when added to you're life you motivation will increase. 

'Bevan was awesome!! What made him so great is that he is just a normal guy; he's not some superhero that people already have on a pedestal and that made him and his story more real.'

This talk is broken into three sections that cover these three points. I use different media to help express the concepts involved in it. If you are interested in this talk contact me and I'll send you through a PDF of the whole presentation. 


2. How an athlete stays focused

This is a more practical session where I cover some of the mental tools that athletes use to perform at their best under the most stressful situations. 

The tools I introduce in this talk can be used in all different types of life situations. I've have found that lots of business people have given me great feedback on this talk, here's an example: 

'I went to your talk last night, and after a while I realised I was applying your model to a work situation I have at the moment, and that it really resolved something that had been bothering me for many weeks.'


3. What I don't believe

We live in time where we are continually told that 'impossible is nothing', 'If you believe it, it will come true' and 'you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it'. The problem is that while these saying inspire us most people don't really intrinsically believe them. I don't believe them, but I do believe that there is a way to open up our possibilities to expand ourselves in ways we didn't think were for us. 

This talk is also is based on study the of some of the worlds leaders in certain fields. While they have achieved the highest level in their fields their process for the success can be duplicated for just about everyone out there.

This is session that delivers tools that help you to identity where you can improve and the steps towards your growth.

'Wow, I was expecting to hear the same old info at this talk but the process Bevan gave me has helped me to find a clear path and given me the motivation to take these steps!'


If you are interested in using me for a talk contact me here for availability, pricing and any other questions you may have.