The Fitness Attitude

A lot of self help books in the market today are great at selling big picture concepts that can lead to a change in motivation but ultimately don't get their readers to actually create effective ways to create the changes they are looking for. 

In my new book The Fitness Attitude, I take a deep look at this and provide practical tools and strategies you can use for success. 

How to change your behaviour and learn to keep fit. 

What is it that motivates people to develop a long-term love of fitness and how can we teach that to others?

This question led me to discover that success with fitness isn't about a certain exercise or diet plan, but about attitude and behaviour patterns.

People who have developed a long-term love of fitness have figured out what these behaviours are and know how to use them to their advantage.

In The Fitness Attitude I share these lessons with the reader and provide a toolbox of strategies that can be used to implement successful fitness behaviours. These range from different ways to motivate yourself, ideas on how to positively enhance your environment, strategies to deal with setbacks, and ways to plan and set goals.  

Always practical and full of many examples from my personal experience, The Fitness Attitude is essential reading for those who want to be successful with exercise, to gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours that create success and to enjoy the contribution that exercise can make to a healthy and happy life.