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Fitness Thoughts Episode 7 - 'I'm not...'

Are you someone who makes statements like 'I'm not good at exercise?' or 'I'm not musical? If so, watch my latest Fitness Thoughts clip.

I go deep into this topic and share some tools that help you open up in the areas you limit yourself in. 

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Fitness Behaviour 83 - Krista Scott-Dixon

Krista Scott-Dixon is a former university researcher and teacher in the field of gender, work, and public health, Dr. Scott-Dixon now serves as the research director for the Healthy Food Bank foundation and the editor-in-chief of Spezzatino magazine. She also works for Precision Nutrition and runs

On this episode Krista shares how she helps people create change in their lives. You can follow Krista on Facebook by clicking here


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Fitness Thoughts Episode 6 - Crossover points

Here's my latest episode of Fitness Thoughts. It's on the idea of a the 'crossover point', where activities that can add value to your life crossover and lead to dissatisfaction. 

Let me know an example of this from your life. 

Check it out and feel free to share.