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My presentation and speaking themes are based around high performance, the importance of health and fitness and the practical tools that can help create a better life and perform at higher levels. I have also done a lot of commentary for sporting events: Coast to Coast, Christchurch International Marathon, Challenge Wanaka, Le Race to name a few.

I do presentations, facilitated workshops, keynote speaking and general "talks" and I have had a great deal of experience in all of these, I can also cater to the needs of the client. Often I will initially work with the person who has requested a talk/presentation/workshop and together, we will determine what is best for their audience.

I’m proud of my ability to create content that is customised to my clients and I have always delivered based on the guidelines presented to me. I also have a series of presentations/talks and workshops that are all set to go and can be adapted, if needed, to suit a particular client and audience in variety of industries. 

If you want a speaker who is professional, takes the pressure off you and delivers an experience that will shift your people in powerful ways get in contact with me.

Here is an example of a talk I did at PEG Talk, the medical world’s version of TED Talks:

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Client Testimonials

“He is skilled, funny and a warm human being who shares a great motivation message of change, growth and developing success combined with proven and smart techniques to ensure an audience has a take home group of ideas and actions to improve their life and lifestyle…read more
- Paul Wright, Chairman - Inspire Foundation

“Bevan has a certain aura and magnetism that surrounds him which his clients find infectious and electrifying. His mana also flows from a stage to an audience…read more
- Dr Richard Clinghan - Creative Director, PEG Talks

”I would highly recommend Bevan as a promotional or keynote speaker to any group, sporting or professional…read more
- Leigh Davidson - University of Canterbury

”Bevan exceeded expectations, after telling his own story, which had the team gripped from the get go, Bevan then started to talk about the importance of resetting…he made some breakthroughs with the team..read more
- Andrew McLean, Z Energy Retailer