Advice to my sister

I got a phone call from my sister the other day asking me about joining the gym. There are a few things you need to know about my sister before I get into the detail of my response to her. My sister is busy, not just busy, she’s stupidly busy! She’s a mother of three wonderful kids, works a 30+ hour week and still manages to feed the family, manage the household and be owner of that well known company ‘Mum’s Taxis’.

I asked her why she wanted to join the gym and she responded with answers like, ‘I feel I’m not getting any “me” time, I want to exercise for my well being and as a way to release stress’. After understanding her motivation I asked her when she would be able to fit the gym in. It became clear that while the idea of joining a gym was great, realistically she would only have enough time to fit three twenty minute sessions in a week, and even this would be pushing it. This was a failure waiting to happen. Half way through our conversation, reality set in and she became a bit despondent.

I knew that my sister hadn’t had success with fitness in a while and right now success was what she needed to get back on track. So instead of writing an amazing programme that would change her life, but would never be done, I ask her one important question: What exercise do you know you could fit into your life, that seems easy to you, right now?

Her despondent attitude made an instant U-turn. She went from worrying about how she was going to be able to fit the gym in to becoming being excited about getting a walk in during her lunch hour, being able to do some sit ups and press ups at night and maybe even trying to run a little when she walks.

When you first start back into exercise you need to feel successful. The targets you set for yourself should be believable and achievable. If you know that you can get out and do a 20min walk you will do it.

So ask yourself; What do I know that I can do right now that seems easy? Then plan it into your day. You don’t need to be Lance Armstrong, you just need to start the habit of being successful.

Bevan Eyles