The 50/50 rule

There always seems to be some self-destructive star grabbing the media headlines for all the wrong reasons. A couple years ago it was Brittney with her shaven head, then it’s Paris with her jail time and more recently Lindsey Lohan for, well I don’t even know what’s happening there. I’m sure there’ll be countless others in the future who will be out in the forefront of the media for all the wrong reasons.

What fascinates me about these stories is how much people care about them. I mean what has Lindsay Lohan done that has made her so important to the world? Although I will concede that she did steal the show in ‘Herbie Fully Loaded’, the VW Beetle just didn’t pull its weight in that film.

I suppose the question I have for you is: Is our mind like our physical body in the way it responds to what you feed it? We all know that if you live on a diet full of bad fats and high sugar you are going to end up in a bad physical condition. So if you feed your mind with content that is what you would consider ‘bad fats and high sugar’ what would the outcome be?

In one of the seminars I present, I introduce the concept of the 50/50 rule. The 50/50 rule states that if you were to cut the amount of time that you spend consuming content in your life by 50% and replaced it with content that was motivating, inspiring and educational in areas that you care to grow in do you think you would become a more motivated person?

The 50/50 rule allows you to still have time to be entertained and get other enjoyment from content but at the same time it allows your mind to be stimulated in areas that you want to grow in.

Let’s say you want to do complete a half marathon. If you got some books on how to be successful in half marathon training, listened to some podcasts of the world’s top runners, watched a YouTube clip every day of people achieve this goal do you think this would help to keep you motivated to achieve?

Have a look at all the time you spend consuming content in your day. It could be the radio, TV, film, internet and so on. Then ask yourself where you could replace 50% of it and then replace it with content that inspires, motivates and educates in areas that you want to grow in.

Over time you may find you become addicted to great content, I know I have. The only downfall will be, you may miss out on the goss on the latest star who has been caught doing something really stupid. Although that doesn’t happen too often.  

Bevan Eyles