Motivation for a man, sex

James, my editor, asked me to write something about men’s health for this week’s piece as you have no doubt seen that the paper is doing a whole section on it. 

‘Men’s health, where to start?’, I asked myself. So I did what most intelligent, fitness professional do, I went straight to Google. After typing men's health in search a common theme came up, sex. This did make me smile. Out of curiosity, I thought I would do a search for women’s health. For some strange reason sex did not come up, they seem to be a lot more interested in pregnancy, healthy bones and all that boring stuff.  

Don’t worry I’m not going to give advice on sex today, as if I could, but I thought I could cover how being healthier can help your performance in this vital area. Basically I’m trying to use this as a form of motivation for exercise.  

When you think about it sex is a physical act and while there are lots of factors that create good sex your physically wellbeing is definitely a contributing factor. The lifestyle choices we make do play a big part in the experience you will have. Poor nutrition, smoking, high stress, too much alcohol and being overweight have all been scientifically proven to cause problems like suppressed testosterone, depressed libido, erectile disfunction to name a few. 

If you do find that you are struggling to function in this area it may be time to have a good look at the lifestyle choices you are making and see if you can improve on them. What I find interesting is that when you ask most people about healthy choices they do know what they need to do, the hard bit is the doing. Spend some time identifying the areas you need to improve on and develop a strategy that will help you make better choices. Once you have a strategy – start implementing it, you may need to enlist the help of family, partners or professional support. 

It may be a slow process but if you commit to assessing your lifestyle regularly and continually changing your bad choices into healthy ones there’s a big chance you will see an improvement in your sexual experiences. And if my research, well the google search I did, has taught me anything, this seems to be pretty important to us men.

Bevan Eyles