Stay true to yourself

I know this is a blog that is based around fitness but today I’m going to address a slightly different subject. Over the last three or four days I have experienced some doubt about myself. It’s been one of those times in life when you wonder if the plan that you were so sure was right for you may be wrong. Before you start sending me emails of concern, I’m ok and I’m figuring this stuff out, I’m not writing this as a cry for help. I’m a lucky man who has lots of loving people who I can go to at times like these. But over the last couple days I’ve found that due to my self doubt I’ve had some destructive thoughts around what I’m doing with my life. It’s like because I’ve been confronted with some hard stuff I’ve forgotten the lessons that got me to the place where I feel happy. I’ll tell you more about this in a minute but before I do I thought I’d tell you why I’m writing this. 

One of my normal conversation starters is ‘are you busy at work?’. I know, I need to think of something better than that. I was thinking I might go with ‘Which superpower, invisible or flying?’  Imagine what I’ll learn about people then. I digress, Over the last couple weeks I have met a lot of new people from lots of different industries and when I ask them if they are busy at work I have consistently been hearing the bleak response of how hard things are. There was the insurance agent who told me how everyone was canceling their polices, the business owner who was ‘getting out’, it even went full circle when a guy who was doing some advertising for RaceTeam told me he was canceling his insurance as he just couldn’t afford it. A lot of people are struggling right now, it’s scary. 

In times when we doubt ourself we can lose sight of the things that really matter, we can no longer trust our judgement and instead try to find ways through the challenging times that go against our true self. At this time, take a moment to breathe, find a way to go back to the things that are important to you. We may need to make adjustments to our plan but it’s at this time that we have to be strong in ‘self’.

As I sat there in my destructive thoughts, which were polarised and on repeat, I stopped myself and took a moment to breathe. Some changes need to be made but not in who I are, I need to move more toward that. 

Bevan Eyles