What's happening to our kids?

Who’s job is it to make sure our kids are at a healthy weight? Seriously, is it the governments, schools or should it be up to the child to make their own decisions around what to eat? I know I’m using a leading question, the obvious answer is the parent or care giver. So I’m wondering why so many parents are getting so off track with this?

How is it that we don’t seem to understand that so many processed foods, lollies and fizzy drinks come at a high calorie cost which can only lead to an unhealthy level of consumption for our kids? Or if we do understand this, why aren’t we using this knowledge to do what is best for our kids?

Are we afraid? Are we worried of the response that we’ll get from our kids if we say no when they want junk food? Maybe it’s easier if we just let them have the food, it will keep them quiet and they’ll be good for us.

Why is it that we can’t seem to reward our kids with healthy food? Maybe we’ve forgotten that a reward can just be something said in a proud way that is genuine and specific. Or perhaps just spending some quality time with your kids doing a fun activity which is good for them.

Another common unhealthy practice that is sneaking in to our kid’s lives because we as parents/caregivers aren’t leading the way is sitting around the table for dinner with your kids. We know that this is better for them because we can be aware of their eating and also spend some quality time with them, but we have a busy day and we want to unwind in front of the telly. 

For some reason a lot of parents are letting their children down when it comes to nutrition. We can look to lots of external factors but at the end of the day it’s the parent’s job to make decisions in this area. If you love your child - you have to do your best to keep them healthy! This will mean that at times it’s going to be harder for you, especially if you have to change some already instilled behaviors, and your l child may not thank you now, but you will know that you are doing the best thing for them.

The kids are going back to school in the next couple weeks. Maybe you could use this time as an opportunity to assess what you are putting in their lunch box. Choose a healthy amount of good foods that you know will keep them in good nick. It’s your job.  

Bevan Eyles