Where do you invest?

If you were to track your spending habits what do you think it would say about you? It’s a good exercise to do, write down exactly what you spend every cent on each week. What we say we do and what we actually do can often be very different things.

One area of spending that I would like to focus on is where you invest. Talk to anyone who is doing well financially and you’ll probably find that they are an advocate of some type of investment, this could be property, shares or owning a business. These people have learnt that by putting some of their income into the right type of investments can grow their wealth and they can then enjoy the benefits that come with that growth.

Financial investment planning is something that a lot of us understand, it makes sense. So if you understand that investing helps return financial growth do you think the same thing would go for investing in your self development?

I love meeting older people who have been successful in life. A great example of such a person is Garth Barfoot. Garth is 70+ years old and is the director of one of New Zealand’s top real estate firms Barfoot & Thompson. This is a massive achievement in itself but Garth doesn’t stop there he is also famous in the Ironman triathlon world as he’s still out there competing in one of the toughest sporting events there is on the planet.

People like Garth spend their life trying to grow and develop themselves in the areas that are important to them, they make a commitment with their time and money so they become better at what they do which translates into the person they are.

When you are looking closely at where you are spending your time and money how much of it goes towards you developing yourself? Years ago I made the commitment to invest 3% of my income on things that would grow me. This money has allowed me to buy books, do courses and have experiences that have grown me in ways I could have never considered.

Maybe it’s time to reflect on your spending and invest a little in yourself.


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