What I was missing

A couple of weeks ago I received a message on Facebook from a girl I used to train who went overseas 12 years ago. After reading her message I checked out some of her photos to see how life had been treating her.

I started to quickly flick through all of her shots and one thing was obvious, this girl had been living life to the max! There were photos of her on top of mountains, walking through forests, doing all types of adventure activities and it seemed she had seen the whole world. In just about every photo there was a massive smile glued to her face. But for one reason I made a stereotypical assumption that she can’t be that happy.

What was that reason? She had put on a bit of weight. It wasn’t a massive amount but as I started looking through the photos that was the first thought that was going through my mind. I have to state here that I’m not the type of person who judges people on their weight but in this moment I did catch myself having these thoughts.

In this situation my subconscious stereotypical thoughts were limiting me. By putting this box around what I saw I wasn’t able to see the real lesson that was right in front of me. This girl was showing me how to have lots of amazing experiences in life. Once I removed that box I was inspired about what she was doing which helped me question my own life in ways that were healthy for me.

Most of us have thoughts about others that can restrict the lessons that they can offer us. If you catch yourself putting limiting thoughts on them try to stop yourself and explore what you are missing. This way you’ll be able reflect on yourself and make decisions that help you move forward. 


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