What Story Are You Telling?

What’s the story of your life? Let’s cut to the chase, I’m starting with a bang today.  I’ll repeat my question, what’s the story of your life?  

Imagine if we lived in a world where once you hit a certain age, that was nearing the latter stages of your life, you had to quit everything you do to write your life story. You’d be given three years and you would be funded to do it. It’s an interesting thought, where would you start? Who would you interview? What memories would you want the world to know about and which ones would never be committed to ink? What do you think you would learn about yourself through this process? 

There’s a saying ‘everyone has a book in them’, to me this isn’t about us being creative, it’s not saying that we can create stories, it’s saying that we all live lives that are full of twists and turns. So once again, what’s your story?

We often don’t realise it but most of us are constantly telling our life’s stories. It would be an interesting exercise to have a recording device on you for a day, recording your conversations. This would help you to become aware of your story. It would show what you tell your world about yourself and how you represent yourself in the different areas of your life.

Here’s a harder question: Which of your stories justifies you holding yourself back?

Working in fitness you hear a lot of stories as to why people hold themselves back. People often share well crafted words, words that have been repeated many times of why they aren’t any good at fitness. I understand these feelings are real for the story teller but I wonder if that story is helping them progress? Do they know how this story influences their life? If they were to focus on being aware of it and perhaps changing their story maybe things would be different.

I’ll tell you my current story: ‘I’m working too hard’, I don’t have that recording device but I can hear those words or some form of those words when I communicate my world to others. Deep down I know I want to have a slightly different story but when the words come out that’s what I tell. To be honest I only noticed that this was my story the other day. When I look back I realise that I’ve been telling it for a few months now. I don’t want this to be the story I’m telling so this realisation helped me take action towards the path I prefer to be on in my life. By listening to my own story I was able to see what areas I really needed to work on.

So what is your story? What does it tell you about yourself? By identifying it will you realise that you aren’t on the right path, or that you are justifying staying in the same place? Maybe it’s time to start becoming aware of your story, listening to yourself and your message, and then creating a story you would love to tell.


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