My Funny Little Theory

A lot of us have theories in life that are based on our own experience in this world. Sometimes there will be scientific research to prove that our theory is correct but if there isn’t it doesn't mean that our theory is wrong, our own theories provide insight into our own world, it just may not be true for others. 

I have one of these theories, I’ve never read a book about it, found qualified research about it or heard a wise person talk about it but it’s true in my experience in life. My theory is; when you lead an experience-rich, life time seems to go slower. 

You often hear people say ‘as you get older time seems to go faster’, I wonder if a more accurate saying would be; ‘as you get older you can get into the habit of repeating what you do in your daily life, which limits new experiences. Life becomes the same every day and it flies by’. This may be one of my silly theories but I’ve found when I have a 6 month period which is filled with many amazing experiences times seems to slow down. Looking back on what I did in that first part of the 6 month block, it seems like it happened so long ago. 

If there is even a small possibility that my theory could be true for others, it would be a good idea to have a look at how we can move towards a life that is rich with experiences. 

One of the best ways to do this is to identify areas where you are trying to achieve something. When you try to achieve a goal you go through so much growth which develops you as a person and it puts you in situations which may be new to you, situations you may never have thought you have would been in, these are the times that create new experiences. 

Here’s a tough question for you: When was the last time you achieved something that you were proud of? Here’s another one: How often do you achieve things that you are proud of in your life?  

Dr Martin Seligman, one of the world’s leading thinkers on positive psychology, states that one of the keys to ‘flourish’ in life is achievement. When you are achieving in your life you are in a better place. If you look back at the times when you were moving towards achievement, how did you feel about life at those times? Did your seeking achievement make your life better? Because of this achievement did you move towards experiences that enriched your life? 

There are many areas where you can strive to achieve growth, your career, a hobby, or some creative process, but one of the greatest ways to experience achievement is through sport and exercise. You set yourself a challenge that is going to stretch you both mentally and physically and then you go for it. Over the next period of time you work hard, go outside of the safe boundaries you have had in the past, and you develop yourself. You love that you are getting fitter both mentally and physically but you also love that you are achieving growth that is important to you. This physical achievement can be one of the greatest things you will experience in your life, it’s a powerful thing. 

If you feel that your life is just getting faster as time goes on, take a step back and see whether it is possibly because you are living the same day over and over again? If you can identify with this then maybe it’s time you think about trying to achieve something new. Imagine how your life would be different if you chose a physical goal to aim towards and achieve over the next 6 months. You will have different experiences, break the cycle of your daily routine and I guarantee you will enjoy the feeling of renewed achievement. 

Not only will it be refreshing to step outside your comfort zone and do something different,  you might even end up agreeing with my theory at the end of it and enjoy more of what life can offer. 


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