Don't mess with Mr Inbetween

Have you ever had a  person in your life that makes you feel bad about yourself? That person that gives you a hard time in the areas that they know you are insecure in? When you spend time with this person you come away from it feeling down about being you?

I once had such a person in my life. I considered this person to be a real friend but the more time I spent with them the more I realised that they were weren’t good for me. When we spent one on one time together they were everything you wanted in a friend but once we were around other people, this person would suddenly turn on me and say mean spirited things that made me feel bad. I became an easy target. After this happened a few times I decided that this person was no longer worth having in my life and I pulled away from this relationship. 

I’m sure many of you can identify with my experience. The lesson I learnt from this time was to consciously move away from negative external factors in my life. Ultimately the energy I received from these interactions weren’t good for me as a person. 

I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately and it’s made me think about how some people consciously take actions that move them towards negativity. I’ll give an example: If you are feeling bad about your body image do you think reading a magazine which is critical of  celebrity’s weight is going to help you feel good about yourself? Probably not. 

For some reason we can sometimes be feeding negativity into our lives and not even be aware of the effect it is having on our thinking. Just about all of us have our own personal battles but when it comes to external factors that make you feel bad we need to be able to identify them and create a plan that will consciously move us away from this negativity.  

Over the next period of time start to become aware of the effects that different things have on how you feel about yourself. If you notice something makes you feel down or bad about yourself, consciously decide to move away from it. Then if this makes you feel better, try moving towards this direction more. I know this sounds simple but to a certain extent you can chose what influences you have in your life and when you choose to have more positivity in your life it does make a difference, this can be a choice. 

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