Where do you really put your time?

If you were to make a list of the priorities in your life and rank them from 1-10 based on how you accurately spend your day do you think you would be happy with your results? Are the activities at the top of the list creating a healthy life for you that make you feel fulfilled and happy?

Life is continually evolving and at different ages we get presented with changing opportunities and demands on our time. The classic example is the person who was fit up to their mid-thirties but as family and career situations change, their priority towards fitness drops down their list. At first they can see what is happening but as the days go by exercise falls lower and lower down their list of priorities. Fifteen to twenty years later they wake up overweight and unhealthy, they look back to what they were like in their younger years and wonder how this could ever have happened to them.

I always admire the older person who has made sure fitness has been a part of their whole life. I’m curious how these people have kept exercise in their life for such a long time. The difference is that these healthy individuals wake up in the morning and know that they are going to exercise because it’s top of their priority list. At different stages in life they may have had to do less amounts of exercise but when they made decisions around life they made them with health and fitness in mind.

Life is forever changing, we need to be aware which priorities we should always keep high on our list throughout our journey. Your job is to be conscious of how your decisions about your life can include ensuring healthy priorities are a key part of every day.


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