Is your habit stopping your progress?

I hadn’t seen Andy in a while, I had been overseas for work so when he walked into the gym I was surprised to see how much weight he had lost. Andy was one of the people who had been coming to the gym the whole time I had been working there. He had always been a little over weight but he didn’t let this hold him back when it came to effort. 

After starting a conversation with him I asked how he had been able to lose his weight. His response taught me a valuable lesson, he said ‘I’ve seen some overweight people that have been coming here for years and they never seem to change. A couple months ago I realised that I was one of these people. The gym had just become a habit, a habit that had no focus which lead to no results. So I decided to get some focus which helped me lose the weight.’ 

Andy’s point really stuck with me. There’s a saying that goes ‘good is the enemy of great’, I think a lot of people who have a ‘regular exercise habit’ would be able to relate to this. They turn up and do the same workout day after day, week after week. They have a habit which gives them some level of satisfaction but the actual results stopped a long time ago. They just stop at a comfortable level.

While there is benefit to having an exercise habit if you identify with this maybe it’s time that you find a focus that will take your training and the results to the next level. In my next piece I’m going to give you some ideas to help get you past good so you can have great workouts which lead to great results. 

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